Mike "Red" Walsh

You have reached the point in your professional life where bringing clients to the Super Bowl, NBA All Star Game, Final Four or The Masters makes sense from a personal and professional standpoint. Hard work, smart decisions and good judgment have paid off. Now it’s time to mix business with high-end pleasure.

But how? Your clients travel in style, sit on the 50-yard line and eat and drink at the top tables in the premier restaurants around the world. Tickets aren’t enough to please your clients. They require pampering and must walk away from the event knowing they experienced something special.

Of course you know a guy, don’t we all know a guy who knows a guy in the business. Can he be trusted? Who has he worked with before? What does he do beyond the normal duties? Who does he rub elbows with? A novice can’t handle this because clients who don’t enjoy themselves while you are pitching your product soon become ex-clients. They will play 18 holes of golf on a Saturday with you but take their business elsewhere if not impressed by the people you put the project in the hands of.

Golden Platter Sports understands how important a trip to a premier sporting event is. We know it’s expensive and we know it must be done right. Your business and ours is riding on it.

Mike “Red” Walsh founded Golden Platter Sports in 2005 but is by no means a neophyte in the business. He cut his teeth in the cutthroat Yankee organization before spending seven years at an international sports hospitality business. Walsh has been everywhere and seen most of it from an up-close view. Tickets are available to sporting events but Red makes the entire experience unforgettable. With Red’s touch, the Super Bowl is transformed from a 60-minute football game to a three-day sojourn people can’t stop talking about. Red’s Super Bowl parties are part of Super Bowl lore. In addition, Red knows who is running the other hottest parties.

So, who is Red Walsh?

Well, the first bones you make in the business world normally don’t come with the ragged edges that George Steinbrenner produces. Your initial job usually doesn’t entail working for the Yankees, the premier sports franchise in the world.

Yet, that was Walsh’s. If something needed to be done at the Yankees’ complexes in Tampa, Walsh did it. Pick up a minor leaguer from the airport? Get Red. Derek Jeter needs a physical so his $189 million contract can become official? Tell Red to get the van. Somebody needs two tickets to the Pirates-Yankees game at a sold-out Legends Field that weren’t left by a player? Red will take care of it.

Sounds exciting, huh? Sure was. But like everything else in life, it had a price. And that came when The Boss, clearly the most demanding man on the planet, wanted to see you at 11 o’clock in the morning. Forget what already happened that Steinbrenner didn’t like. He knew what was going to happen that he wasn’t going to like. Walsh lived behind the velvet rope, inside one of the most complex business operations on the planet and absorbed every drop.

Yet, when you work for the best you would be foolish to not learn from the best. Walsh watched Steinbrenner run his operation for seven years. He handled travel plans and tickets and got to know Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada, Bernie Williams, Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte very well. What Walsh learned more than anything else is that working for Steinbrenner means a lot of things but one stood out: know what you want.

As the head of Golden Platter Sports, Red knows what you want when it comes to putting a corporate hospitality package together. You want reliability, fun and an experience that will not only help you sell your product to clients but one that will be enjoyable for everybody involved.

When it was time to leave the Yankees, Red took the commitment to excellence that Steinbrenner forces his employees to accept. He was organized, a must to work for Steinbrenner, and hungry.

You work long enough for the Yankees you understand value on every level. After leaving that environment Red worked for an international sports hospitality company. Handling tickets and travel for the Yankees gave Red an understanding of what people enjoy from sporting events: a total experience.

The Yankee job introduced Red to baseball stadiums; the five years with the international sports hospitality company allowed him to familiarize himself with football, basketball and hockey arenas as well as golf courses all over the world.

If you want a seat for the Super Bowl, Red has sat in the chair. Ditto the Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, Final Four. You need a place to entertain your clients, Golden Platter Sports knows the best caterer to make it happen. You have worked hard to get to where you are and now you want to be seen at the best restaurant on Sunday night of the Final Four? Golden Platter Sports can handle it. Golf on the morning of Monday’s title game? Done.

In one way what Golden Platter Sports does is no different than any other successful business, but in the sports entertainment and hospitality business experience counts. Red brings an ocean of it to every event.

Red’s experience on both sides of the business is what separates Golden Platter Sports from others. When he left the Yankees, Red knew how to get inside the tangled web that pro sports have become. He’s established a network of connections that span generations, continents and sporting genres and continues to expand daily.

You can trust that Red brings that experience to each and every event that Golden Platter Sports manages, and you, your company, and most importantly, your clients will notice the difference.